100 words for a story

A few weeks ago, the SciFi Round Table organized a competition : write a story with 100 words. Here is what I submitted :

The Professor bargained with the Devil. Prove Riemann hypothesis within a day for my soul. Otherwise, make me a rich man.

The Devil had hated mathematics for ages. He tricked many scientists just because he couldn’t stand science. But a bargain bound him. He worked like Hell, as only he could, travelled through Time and to other dimensions.

A day later, he had no solution. So he took the only decision he could.

He appeared in the Professor’s classroom and laid out his equations on the blackboard. Since then, any who knock at the door is transformed into a frog.

Nota : this is a rewriting of an old classics from the 60s I read long time ago The devil and Simon Flagg from Arthur Porges. He had the idea. I merely rewrote the story in 100 words. 🙂