Dear Santa

Have you ever watched this most excellent short movie ?

‘Dear Satan’, An Animated Short About a Girl Who Accidentally Writes Letter to Satan Instead of Santa

Here is the short story it inspired me.

It had started as a mad plan from Baal, his favorite, after an apprenticeship on Earth in a marketing agency. They would switch two letters and create a new identity. Hell had a bad reputation? Baal’s design would change it forever. They would keep his colors, the fiery red, as an emblem and change everything else. The location, the henchmen, everything.

And for a wonderful century, it worked. Santa enjoyed his new life as only one condemned for eternity could. And he did his best. Baal had requested to become the lead deer and seemed happy. The devils continued to help him and the damned became small elfs, crafting gifts under his orders. They labored without a break, sweating day after day.

Until a dark night of full moon in November when a little girl broke the spell and wrote to him, his real him, Satan. Some says, hell is paved with good intentions…