Month: March 2021

A great giveaway

Giveaways are fun. Fun to play and opportunities to discover new writers and universes.

As a reader, I participate(d) to a lot of them. As a writer, I have continued and gone further 🙂

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Litcon – I’ll participate this saturday 6th 12 ET !

Joseph Carrabis has invited me to his panel on worldbuilding this saturday. Can’t wait for it…

Join science fiction, fantasy, alt-history, steampunk, YA science fantasy, speculative fiction, and military science fiction authors F. Stephan, Geoff Genge, Claudia Blood, Theresa Halvorsen, C.G. Hatton, special guest alt-history and dystopian author Liz Tuckwell and myself in a two hour talk on #worldbuilding this Saturday, 6 Mar 21, noonET on Facebook

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