Month: May 2021

Scifi is more than space battle

This is what Wesley Britton demonstrates in his book “the blind alien”. Behind the plot and the characters, both interesting, I have been amazed by the level of details the author has put into his world. No space opera but an alternative Earth with its own problems and opportunities for our characters. A very interesting and thought provoking read!




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A new video on how star are formed

I love this simulation from Illinois’s Northwestern University. I don’t know how we could use it in a book but … if I can find a way, I will 🙂

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For your next job, expect heavy weather…

Sent on a mission to Jupiter? Watch out for the big red storm.

I see, you’re not a rookie, you know space, don’t you?

Really, you heard of the dust devils of Mars? Good.

But what about Neptune’s wind going faster than the speed of sound? And the diamond rain of Uranus? Are you really that ready for outer space? Will you take your space suit and travel?

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