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Fan of science fiction, both of the great classics and of the indie authors, I have now taken the step to write my own books. I want to provide fun, adventure, and explore different universes.
Fan of science fiction, both of the great classics and of the indie authors, I have now taken the step to write my own books. I want to provide fun, adventure, and explore different universes.

Dear Santa

Have you ever watched this most excellent short movie ?

‘Dear Satan’, An Animated Short About a Girl Who Accidentally Writes Letter to Satan Instead of Santa

Here is the short story it inspired me.

It had started as a mad plan from Baal, his favorite, after an apprenticeship on Earth in a marketing agency. They would switch two letters and create a new identity. Hell had a bad reputation? Baal’s design would change it forever. They would keep his colors, the fiery red, as an emblem and change everything else. The location, the henchmen, everything.

And for a wonderful century, it worked. Santa enjoyed his new life as only one condemned for eternity could. And he did his best. Baal had requested to become the lead deer and seemed happy. The devils continued to help him and the damned became small elfs, crafting gifts under his orders. They labored without a break, sweating day after day.

Until a dark night of full moon in November when a little girl broke the spell and wrote to him, his real him, Satan. Some says, hell is paved with good intentions…

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Medecine for space operations

Space will require us to heal from a distance. How are we preparing for this ??? Some answers to be found here !


Imagine :
The message blipped on the main console.
“Station control, this is Spaceship Illbeback. Our Cargo master has been hit by a loose box in the main hold. Severe trauma on his head. We require emergency support.” A long string of images followed.

The controller turned on his chair to the Station Master. “Emergency. They transmitted from the jump point. That was twenty minutes ago. Arrival in ten hours at the station.”
“OK. Alert the medical team. How long till next message window?”
The controller turned to his console, raising several 3Ds around him. “They will jump in fifteen minutes. We can’t reply on their present position. Following jumps twenty minutes later. If we send a message in the next five minutes, it will reach them before they jump.”
The station controller nodded. They were used to telemedecine. However difficult those situation became, they would handle…

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Research on going: private sector in low orbit

How will the private sector transform the low orbit ? A commercial module on the ISS is both a good news and an unknown :-). I will be watching this closely as it relates to the ideas in Space Station Acheron

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Work in progress

This week I have received the edited version of Human Starpilot #3 : Space Station Acheron.
Now comes the final review of the book : grammar, typos, all remaining details. Plus cover and blurb.
One month to go before the book is live !

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100 words for a story

A few weeks ago, the SciFi Round Table organized a competition : write a story with 100 words. Here is what I submitted :

The Professor bargained with the Devil. Prove Riemann hypothesis within a day for my soul. Otherwise, make me a rich man.

The Devil had hated mathematics for ages. He tricked many scientists just because he couldn’t stand science. But a bargain bound him. He worked like Hell, as only he could, travelled through Time and to other dimensions.

A day later, he had no solution. So he took the only decision he could.

He appeared in the Professor’s classroom and laid out his equations on the blackboard. Since then, any who knock at the door is transformed into a frog.

Nota : this is a rewriting of an old classics from the 60s I read long time ago The devil and Simon Flagg from Arthur Porges. He had the idea. I merely rewrote the story in 100 words. 🙂

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The start of the adventure

The start came with Human Starpilots. I wanted to write for years, decades. I began reading science fiction as a boy, with french versions of Galaxy and Fiction.

How would you fare landing in a strange land, facing new rules? I wanted a large galaxy with many cultures and planets all around. Thus, the Federation Universe was born.

The Human Federation

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Welcome to my writing world

Welcome to my writing world

Soon to come : more news on the Human Federation and on other stories

What will you find here :
– research
– very short stories
– summary of my universes

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