What would it be like to take a walk on Pluto ???

this article is amazing. Such a fascinating description of a walk around Pluto !

Some may have read “have space suit, will travel” from Robert Heinlein. This is both similar and yet a thousand times more detailled !



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Do you know the deep space network ?

This fascinating site shows how we are tracking signals from space to support missions to mars. How in the future will we manage communications with multiples spaceships light-minutes away ?
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Medecine for space operations

Space will require us to heal from a distance. How are we preparing for this ??? Some answers to be found here !

Imagine :
The message blipped on the main console.
“Station control, this is Spaceship Illbeback. Our Cargo master has been hit by a loose box in the main hold. Severe trauma on his head. We require emergency support.” A long string of images followed.

The controller turned on his chair to the Station Master. “Emergency. They transmitted from the jump point. That was twenty minutes ago. Arrival in ten hours at the station.”
“OK. Alert the medical team. How long till next message window?”
The controller turned to his console, raising several 3Ds around him. “They will jump in fifteen minutes. We can’t reply on their present position. Following jumps twenty minutes later. If we send a message in the next five minutes, it will reach them before they jump.”
The station controller nodded. They were used to telemedecine. However difficult those situation became, they would handle…

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Research on going: private sector in low orbit

How will the private sector transform the low orbit ? A commercial module on the ISS is both a good news and an unknown :-). I will be watching this closely as it relates to the ideas in Space Station Acheron

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