Murder in Absentia by Assaph Mehr

I just finished this book and I’d like to recommend it. A most excellent detective story set in a roman alternative world. The characters are quite engaging and the description of the roman city, Egretia, quite detailed, so detailed you feel you are really living in it. I really enjoyed the entire story !

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A perfect bookfair to prepare for summer

I want to recommend this bookfair. because I am in it 🙂 because there are awesome authors in there ! In summer, for my part, I increase my reading. This year (of all years) I go and sit outside for  a quiet read with open sky above me.

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Release alert : early departure is out

Don’t miss this short story which will take you to Titan Primary Space Station. Humanity conquered the solar system during its golden age. But those times are long gone. AIs, once designed to help humanity reach the stars, have grown out of control. Captain John Lester is preparing for the return to Earth. Will youContinue reading →

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Book review : An unexpected surprise

NPC by terry Hayes 1) If you are not a tabletop player, I wouldn’t recommend this book. It’s targeted at people who have rolled dices 🙂 2) this is quite a nice read. good story well told. I enjoyed it a lot and up to the last chapters would have said I wouldn’t have listenedContinue reading →

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Is our use of space sustainable?

It seems that the answer is no if you believe this article (which I do). Beyond the “time to act”, the article shows plenty of stats on our usage of near-space.

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