My short stories

I never imagined I would write short stories until I tried. I am a fan of golden age scifi and of all the short stories we read then. Today I write one every week. Sometimes I discard it as soon as it’s done and sometimes I go further. In most cases, my father provides me with computer-generated images as a source of inspiration or my writing will become the starting point for him to craft an image. Below, you will find one story I published and two examples. Read them and make up your own mind.

Early departure

Once humanity dreamt of stars and built space AIs to help reach them.

But they grew beyond our control and now keep humans bottled up in the solar system.

Join captain John Lester on his voyage from Titan Primary Space Station back to Earth!

Written as an homage to golden age sci-fi and with specifically created images from designer M Rigaux, take a ride aboard John’s ship, in this age where humanity strives to keep its place in space.

I dream of stars

A politician who faces death to run for election…
The crew of a generation ship confronted to the hardest decision…
Cyber-induced nightmares and no one to turn to…
The first human concert in the Machine Empire since the dawn of time …
Sometimes funny, sometimes dark, those stories explore different facet of our futures. They revisit old golden-age themes but with modern twists.
This book also incorporates more than twenty unique images created by Michel Rigaux.

Written and illustrated by a father and a son passionate about science-fiction and fantasy, join us in our adventures.

Here are two examples of the novels you will find inside.