The Federation of Alkath is the first scifi series I have published. Alkath is the central planet of the Federation, and its pilots are all too human (hence the human starpilots)

Today it counts four books with a fifth in writing, and a short story you’ll find if you subscribe to my newsletter. It’s an entire scifi universe with stories taking place in different planets. Some characters will come back from one story to another, other will not.

The Federation was born in Alkath from the ashes of an Ancient Empire who spanned the stars and disappeared ten millenia ago. Known planets have all human inhabitants, space travel is extremely difficult and limited mostly to rare goods and knowledge, and non-human races haven’t been discovered already. Earth, like other planets, has strong internal issues with global warming, and joins the Federation eager for all the help it can obtain.

Book 1, 2 and 3 explore the relationship between Earth and the Federation of Alkath through a crew of Earth starpilot learning their trade. Earth is a newcomer and not at the center of things. Some won’t like it.

Book 4 and the next explore more of the Federation itself while the short story “the shaman and the god” available with the newsletter speak of the interim years after the fall of the Ancient Empire.

Human Starpilot – 2137

In 2130, Earth’s ecology is failing fast. Its inhabitants are dying and the governments are hard pressed to contain the disaster. An Alien Federation contacts Earth and offers assistance. We accept their offer to trade among the stars and receive their support. In exchange, they aliens, who prove to be distant cousins, need pilots capable of managing hyperspace jumps and only rare humans have the right genes and capacities to withstand them.

After a careful selection, six are chosen to fly to the far away planet Adheek. There, they will compete with students from other planets to try and learn their new trade.

If they fail, Earth will collapse. If they succeed, it may have a chance. But no one has prepared them to what they will face next

Interstellar starpilot – 2140

Surviving was just the beginning. Now, can Brian faces his deepest fears ?

He has already faced the dangers of the outlying worlds, pirates and mad AIs, surviving, but with deep scars. He has also made powerful enemies along the way.

Separated from his friends, facing both jealousy from colleagues and hatred from enemies, and with a new set of skills to master, the odds stack up against Brian while everyone else is betting against him.

Can he find new allies and new strengths? In the paradise of the perfectly balanced Core World, can Brian find his own place?

Space station Acheron – 2140

Earth is dying and Earth’s first starpilot is the only real hope.
Tasha has survived five years of brutal training, her body transformed by a nano-technology no one fully understands.
Her job: link Earth to the stars in a ten millennia old wreck, train the first-ever crew from Earth, and build a space station fit to trade with the stars. Without the eco-system stabilizing tech interstellar trade can bring, the price of her failure will be the end of all life on Earth.
But as corporate interests, terrorists and even journalists opposing her, it is beginning to look like an impossible task.

If you love space station stories like Babylon5, don’t miss this thought-provoking story, an independent arc in the Federation of Alkath.

A child of the Federation – 2148

When you’re named Child of the Federation, the Federation gives you a fresh beginning and your past is erased from all databases. But Isara was named when she was barely a year old with nothing to erase.

Or so she thought until forty years later, now a confirmed starpilot, she finds out that she comes from Filb, the planet which witnessed the worst catastrophe the Federation has ever known. And murders accumulates around her as she tries to dig into her own past?

With no clues on why she is shot at, she must unravel her past to face present threats… How do you come of age when you are already an adult?

Don’t miss this stand-alone story in the Federation of Alkath.

The shaman and the god – interim years

Yur is the shaman of his tribe. He needs desperately the help of the god to save his people. But the god hasn’t answered to shamans in years. Why? What will make the god answer?

Don’t miss this story of the interim years before the Federation of Alkath

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