Project Hail Mary : impressive !

I have just finished Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir and I am impressed. I loved the Martian and found the same pleasure in Project Hail Mary.


Characters :

Project Hail Mary features a magnificent encounter of an alien. Seriously, one of the best I have read so far… Characters are detailed and likable, if in line with Martian

Plotline :

Again, I haven’t read anything like this yet. This book is not a variation of a classic, it’s an unknown… That, by itself, makes it worth to read.

The science in it :

Oups, this is hard sci-fi. Honestly, this is where you may decide not to read it. Because it’s really heavy on science. You found that potato crops were too much in martian ? Don’t go this way. I loved the book but it targets people who like science in their book.

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A ku promotion worth looking at …

I have joined a Kindle Unlimited promotion with Early departure, the only novella you will find here. Interesting reads for all of you who are on Kindle unlimited

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A strange story by John Scalzi, the Dispatcher

By mid first chapter, I thought I knew where the book was heading. I was wrong. And therefore quite happy to discover what came next. 🙂 Then, the stories goes very fast and leaves you wanting for more. I hate when stories are so long and boring you long for the end. but here, a few more details on the world would have been welcome.

I won’t spoil anything but
story : an original idea from an author reputed for it and an in-depth analysis of all consequences. The story goes fast but the world is rich, precise and that is very enjoyable
characters : a bit classic but likable and well drawn

In short, a very good ride I highly recommend. You will find it here if you want to take a look.

Nota : the The Dispatcher“>audible version is really awesome with a perfect narration.

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A lot of fun

I discovered years ago Robert Asprin while browsing paperback books at Shakespeare & co. The cheap covers didn’t entice me to go further.

This summer, I chose this book to change from my usual read.

What a good surprise! I recommend it.

This won’t be hard scifi or high literature. BUT
– the narrator is excellent
– the characters are cool, well-defined and likable
– the story is fun
I really enjoyed this book a lot.

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Against the fall of night – from A.C. Clarke

This summer, I have gone back to classics. I like to do that from time to time. And someone (whom i’ll have to thank) pointed me toward “against the fall of the night” from A.C. Clarke.

I am a great fan of “The city and the stars” and when I learned of a novella which had been written before, the prototype of the novel,I had to go and read it.

– Novella vs novel

I like both. Both are excellent read although the novel is more complete and fulfilling than the novella

Knowing both, reading the novella was a lot of fun, checking what he kept or not. Some words or paragraphs didn’t change at all. Some a lot more. Fascinating.

– The story

Ah, the story will stay with you long after the read. This is not your classic dictatorial dystopia. No. Quite the reverse since men created perfect everlasting society. This is not the desperate search for some order in a chaotic world but the return of a little of chaos in static worlds. A fantastic read !

As you can guess by now, I was stunned by the novella, enjoying as much as I had enjoyed the book itself. Treat yourself and read it !

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Listening to Way station from Clifford D Simak

I read Way Station decades ago and decided to listen to it. Well, I have to recommend it.

  1. General comment : this is an old text and it has aged in the way the story is told. And yet, each time I found it slow and thought about putting it down, then, something else happened and I had to continue … Definitely worth listening to.
  2. Story : What makes us members of the entire galactic community ? More would spoil you but it’s amazing.
  3. Characters : They are so detailed ! the author prepares the twists of his plot well in advance laying everything we need to know long before the action starts.
  4. In short, I was surprised by how profound and well thought the story is. A must-read !


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Murder in Absentia by Assaph Mehr

I just finished this book and I’d like to recommend it.

A most excellent detective story set in a roman alternative world. The characters are quite engaging and the description of the roman city, Egretia, quite detailed, so detailed you feel you are really living in it. I really enjoyed the entire story !

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A perfect bookfair to prepare for summer

I want to recommend this bookfair.

  1. because I am in it 🙂
  2. because there are awesome authors in there !

In summer, for my part, I increase my reading. This year (of all years) I go and sit outside for  a quiet read with open sky above me.

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Release alert : early departure is out

Don’t miss this short story which will take you to Titan Primary Space Station.

Humanity conquered the solar system during its golden age. But those times are long gone. AIs, once designed to help humanity reach the stars, have grown out of control.

Captain John Lester is preparing for the return to Earth. Will you join him ?

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