Torkal’s war : a besieged neighbor

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Torkal’s wars #1 and 2 : the book are now live with already three 5-stars reviews.

Find them here : Torkal’s war #1 : a besieged neighbor 

Torkal’s wars #2 : Torkal’s war #2 : a call for help

Torkal’s wars #3 : 50 % written

Meet the neighbors

Meet the neighbors – map provided by the mages of Desam

At the center, the Republic of Antiago
To its north west, the kingdoms of Marlian, born out of the great druidic wars
To the far east, the Empire of Darsenia, the arch-enemy of Antiago

PS :
1) this is inspired by the Roman Empire around Caesar’s time. Inspired but drifting slowly away as writing progresses
2) I hope to call again the mages of Desam to improve the quality of the map