news for settlements on the moon

It seems that some areas on the moon, some shaded pits to be precise, have a constant moderate temperature. Without atmosphere, temperatures fluctuate a lot on the moon, depending on whether the sun heats you or not. Fighting those changes will require super strong insulation and massive energy consumption.

So a place more stable is definetely worth looking for !

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Crossover Paradox – Justice academy – 2

I have just finished the Crossover Paradox by Rob Edwards.

Obviously, the crossover paradox is a sequel. So, if you haven’t read the ascension machine book 1, go and get it 🙂

We find our hero(es) again at the Justice Academy for a new year of training. From the start, we know things are going to go wrong. And that’s exactly what happens. The hero tries to escape the trap and fails.

This is when and where the book becomes huge. I read the second part of the book in two sessions. I just couldn’t put it down. Details from book 1 and begining of book 2 click together. The action never stops till the end. The different powers from the heroes play their roles. This makes for a great read, a merge of super heroes in a scifi setup.



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Hope for Ukraine

Like many, I am concerned by what happens in Ukraine. I have grown up with Russian forces in East Germany and I went several times to West Berlin before the wall fell.

So, I have joined several authors led by Tarina anthology in an effort to gather funds for Ukraine. here is the link to the book for all of you who will want to pre-order it !

Have a look!

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I went reading a book about a space hospital : Welcome to the Madhouse

Welcome to the madhouse

This is a genre where I rarely venture : a space hospital. Well, maybe I should go there more often !

the world
I love wordbuilding and wasn’t disappointed. Not only is the hospital well described but the author has a clear reflexion on how humans will adapt to space. This is fantastic and fascinating.

The story
It is well paced, exploring all facets of the hospital

They are well described with the depth which allows you to feel their differences. Really enjoyable.

As a summary
I loved it and I wouldn’t have believed it when I started! Cheers.

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Ascension machine by Rod Edwards

Super heros in a science fiction story ? I wouldn’t have believe it but it works. It works so well I highly recommend this book.

The story
It starts nice and easy with a young man taking another man’s place and overwhelmed by the events. but it grows rapidly without breaking pace.

The characters
The characters are well described, as well as the story is well built. You’ll like them and the way they interact together is fun

As a whole
It works so well you’ll read the next page, and the next, and … the book will be over !

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