A new generation of classics

I read a lot. That’s a basic of my author’s life and it has been so for years. As a writer, it has also fed my imagination and how I write. There’s a lot to enjoy and learn from other’s books. I used to read far and wide, and since my mom was a latin and greek teacher, I read classics early on.

I am 50 this year and growing up I missed a few books which were published after my generation. But now my son and daughter are pointing at “recent” books. One such book was “Percy Jackson” from R Riordan  now a classic. I often get a look at their book just to stay connected (while I can) and this time I read the entire serie.

This is an impressive success. What really amazed me was how the author integrated the old classic myths. He has adapted / transformed / mixed a lot of greek myths, and used the american background to rejuvenate them. Some say that there are no new stories under the sun, but R Riordan has transformed those old stories to have them fit in the modern world.

If you haven’t read them (or watched the recent show on Disney), have a look !