Human Starpilots

Human Starpilots

For your next job, expect heavy weather…

Sent on a mission to Jupiter? Watch out for the big red storm.

I see, you’re not a rookie, you know space, don’t you?

Really, you heard of the dust devils of Mars? Good.

But what about Neptune’s wind going faster than the speed of sound? And the diamond rain of Uranus? Are you really that ready for outer space? Will you take your space suit and travel?

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Litcon – I’ll participate this saturday 6th 12 ET !

Joseph Carrabis has invited me to his panel on worldbuilding this saturday. Can’t wait for it…

Join science fiction, fantasy, alt-history, steampunk, YA science fantasy, speculative fiction, and military science fiction authors F. Stephan, Geoff Genge, Claudia Blood, Theresa Halvorsen, C.G. Hatton, special guest alt-history and dystopian author Liz Tuckwell and myself in a two hour talk on #worldbuilding this Saturday, 6 Mar 21, noonET on Facebook

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Do you want free giveaways

I strongly recommend this great giveaway, both for the variety of prizes and the quality of readers you’ll find ! don’t miss this opportunity…

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Interesting newsletter

Can I recommend this excellent newsletter ?

  • the interview of a very interesting author
  • a series of new release (including space station acheron)
  • and a short story

This is a quick but dense read. Go and have a look

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I have used the last week to structure the Federation universe and all the plots I am working on. Some will be handled by short stories or novellas. Still a long way to go

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Lagrangian points ..

Lagrangian points have often be used in science fiction. Space station acheron is located on one of them. But rarely do we hear of the fifth lagrangian, that will be used to monitor our sun… See the video below for more information.
This is important as becoming a space faring civilisation will require us to look at things from other directions …
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