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A strange story by John Scalzi, the Dispatcher

By mid first chapter, I thought I knew where the book was heading. I was wrong. And therefore quite happy to discover what came next. 🙂 Then, the stories goes very fast and leaves you wanting for more. I hate when stories are so long and boring you long for the end. but here, a few more details on the world would have been welcome.

I won’t spoil anything but
story : an original idea from an author reputed for it and an in-depth analysis of all consequences. The story goes fast but the world is rich, precise and that is very enjoyable
characters : a bit classic but likable and well drawn

In short, a very good ride I highly recommend. You will find it here if you want to take a look.

Nota : the The Dispatcher“>audible version is really awesome with a perfect narration.

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Book review : An unexpected surprise

NPC by terry Hayes

1) If you are not a tabletop player, I wouldn’t recommend this book. It’s targeted at people who have rolled dices 🙂
2) this is quite a nice read. good story well told. I enjoyed it a lot and up to the last chapters would have said I wouldn’t have listened to book 2. But then everything comes together in the end and I will listen to book 2. Definitely. Well done !
3) Good characters ! Excellent cast and development into the target classes. A lot of fun to read.
4) No, I would never play with the players portrayed here. But… stick with this sorry bunch of bad players …

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A new giveaway

Rush to the meet the Doctor. A wonderful giveaway for one of the best show of all times

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