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My latest book is out !

My latest book is out, released today wide on all retailing platforms !
I love short stories, especially the classics from the golden age. They can be sad or happy, modern or a revisit of a classic, but they give us the possibility to explore so many concept and ideas.
These stories led to unique digital images or sprang from seeing them. The book also incudes those images !
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Book review : An unexpected surprise

NPC by terry Hayes

1) If you are not a tabletop player, I wouldn’t recommend this book. It’s targeted at people who have rolled dices 🙂
2) this is quite a nice read. good story well told. I enjoyed it a lot and up to the last chapters would have said I wouldn’t have listened to book 2. But then everything comes together in the end and I will listen to book 2. Definitely. Well done !
3) Good characters ! Excellent cast and development into the target classes. A lot of fun to read.
4) No, I would never play with the players portrayed here. But… stick with this sorry bunch of bad players …

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A new giveaway

Rush to the meet the Doctor. A wonderful giveaway for one of the best show of all times

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