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For your next job, expect heavy weather…

Sent on a mission to Jupiter? Watch out for the big red storm. I see, you’re not a rookie, you know space, don’t you? Really, you heard of the dust devils of Mars? Good. But what about Neptune’s wind going faster than the speed of sound? And the diamond rain of Uranus? Are you reallyContinue reading →

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Volcanoes in our solar system

Ten pictures, ten volcanoes, ten stories of our solar system… I love those places all around our system, with so many possibilities for stories ! https://www.space.com/incredible-volcanoes-in-our-solar-system

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Ingenuity continues to fly farther and farther …

New flight continues. Even if Ingenuity crashes now, we have learned a lot about flying on Mars.   https://www.space.com/mars-helicopter-ingenuity-third-flight-success

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Do you like liftoffs? I do !

A new liftoff toward the ISS. I love watching crews leaving Earth (even more returning safe home). https://www.esa.int/ESA_Multimedia/Videos/2021/04/Mission_Alpha_liftoff

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A new giveaway

Rush to the meet the Doctor. A wonderful giveaway for one of the best show of all times

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