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news for settlements on the moon

It seems that some areas on the moon, some shaded pits to be precise, have a constant moderate temperature. Without atmosphere, temperatures fluctuate a lot on the moon, depending on whether the sun heats you or not. Fighting those changes will require super strong insulation and massive energy consumption. So a place more stable isContinue reading →

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Tallis Steelyard and his adventures

Did I ever write about Tallis Steelyard by Jim Webster ? Here is one short story on his adventure (and more on Jim’s website). https://tallissteelyard.wordpress.com/2022/05/15/a-life-in-trade/ I love Jim’s writing, portraits of people you would meet in Port Naain. Despite being set in a fantasy world they feel real. A must read for me.

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Crossover Paradox – Justice academy – 2

I have just finished the Crossover Paradox by Rob Edwards. Obviously, the crossover paradox is a sequel. So, if you haven’t read the ascension machine book 1, go and get it 🙂 We find our hero(es) again at the Justice Academy for a new year of training. From the start, we know things are goingContinue reading →

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